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  1. Columbus Running- Sublimate Sportwear Men's and Women's  (USA)

  2. Luxottica - Sublimate Sunglass cover micro bag, Cleaning cloth (Italy, China, USA)

  3. Gogglesoc- Sublimate goggle cover, Sublimation sunglass cover, Sublimate Helmet visor cover, Reusable Facewear (USA, Canada, EU, UK)

  4. Oakley- Sportwear Men's and Women's, Topwear, Bottomwear, bags and backpacks, Sublimate sunglass cover micro bag (USA Military, USA, China)

  5. ChicoBag- Recycled materials Reusable shopping bags, Backpacks, Solid colour and sublimation, Reusable Facewear (USA, Japan)

  6. ELEPH-BO- Luxury Traveller BackPack, All kind of backpack, Tote bags, Shopping bags

  7. (All products made using recycled materials)- Switzerland

  8. Armani Exchange - Sunglass cleaning cloth, Sunglass micro bag (screenprint)- Italy, China, USA

  9. Gucci- Sunglass micro bag, cleaning cloth (Italy, China, USA)

  10. RayBan- Sunglas Micro bag, Eyeglass micro bag, Cleaning cloth (Italy, China, USA)

  11. LiteGear- Duffel bag, Backpack, Tote bag, RFID citypack, Kopressor kubes, Travelpack (USA)

  12. Dior- Travel Bag, Tote bag, Sunglass cleaning cloth, Men's T-shirts and Polo (North America, South America, Middle East, EU, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan)

  13. Klattermusen- Men's and Women's T-shirts & Tops, Hiking backpacks, Climbing backpacks (Sweden)

  14. Original Marines- Children's wear, Men's and women's (Italy, Jordan, Usa, France)  

  15. Levis- Men's, Women's T-shirts, Polo, Sweaters & Sweatshirts (USA, EU, Aisa & Pacific, Africa & Middle East)  

  16. Ts - Leggings (UK)  

  17. OVS- Women’s pyjamas and slips, T-shirts & Tops, Men's T-shirts (Italy)  

  18. Giorgio Armani- Women's T-shirts, Men's T-Shirts and Polo Shirts (Italy)  

  19. Perofil- Men's T-shirts, Tank top, Pajams, Shorts (Italy)  

  20. Loquid Knits- Women's Tops (USA)  

  21. HSN- Women's Tops (USA)  

  22. M&S- Lingeries,Women's Top, Blouses, Lightwears (UK)  

  23. Next- Girls, Baby Girls, Boys, T-shirts, sleepwear, Men's T-shirts & Tops, Womens T-shirts & Tops, Jumpsuits, Leggings, Lingeries (UK)  

  24. George/Asda- Lingeries, Nightwears (UK)  

  25. Lidl- Lingeries (Germany)  

  26. Tesco- F&F Cloth/Women's Top (UK)   

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